Shree Suresh Kumar Khuntia born on 11th May 1970 in the village Jainabaja of Jagatsinghpur district of Odisha. He is the youngest child of Late Dibakar Khuntia and Charulata Khuntia. He studied his primary education in his village primary school and then proceeded with his study ahead. He had a special interest and weakness for Odishi Dance from his schooling career. This impressed Guru Durga Charana Ranbir, the embient Odissi Nrutya Guru of Late Guru Debprasad Das Gharana. He stayed at the home of Guru Durga Charana Ranbir and then started learning how to dance Odissi, the skill from him. Guru Durga Charana Ranbir, the popular face got many rewards for his skill in Odissi Dance. He is renowned in National & International level for his heart touching and mind blowing expressions in Odissi Dance. Suresh Khuntia started his journey to learn Odissi staying at Guru Durga Charana's home and due to his deep interest for Odissi he passed Nrutya Bhusan, Nrutya Visharad and Nrutya Bhaskar in Odissi's dance from Pracheen Kala Kendra, Chandigarh in proper guidance of is Guru in year 1994, 1996 & 1998 accordingly. Shree Suresh Ku Khuntia got senior National Scholarship from Ministry of HRD, Govt of India in 1994. He also got Junior National Fellowship in 2002 from Ministry of HRD Govt of India. Now he is an Examiner of Odisha Sangeet Natak Academy. He also recognised as a 'B' Grade and 'A' Grade Classical Odissi Dance performer from Prashar Bharati Doordarshan Kendra, Bhubaneswar and New Delhi. He also in the empanelment Panel o f Indian Council of Cultural Relation(ICCR) by Govt of India since 2012. He organised "Guru Debprasad Das Samman" since 2017 and will continue this year at Bhubaneswar in future with great interest and enthu. He has his own dance schooling to teach the Odissi dance skill named "NRUTYARCHANA". Shree Suresh Ku Khuntia, the student of Guru Durga Charana Ranbir has a great aim to develop his skill with changing time, to teach the interested students and to reach each corner of India to know everyone the culture the sweetness of Odissi Dance, a popular classical dance of Odisha.


Suresh Kumar Khuntia comes from a rural background of Odisha. Born in 1970 to a peasant family, he entered into "Yatra" by the time he was seven years old. By 1980, he had become a full member of established Yatra parties like Kansa Opera, Trinath Gananatya, Ichhapur-A group etc. and his main contribution was dance besides acting roles. During 1990 he was honored by the Odisha Sabgeeta Natak Academy as the best dancer for his performance in the drama Kala Kanhu Khele Yashoda Kole staged by Trinath Gananatya. Around that time he came in touch with Guru Shri Durga Charan Tanbir, One of the leading lights in the Odissi Dance Arena and joined him as his disciple realizing and learing the importance of classicism in Odissi Dance.

Key Competencies & Skills

  • Excellent communication skills and patience to teach students.
  • Ability to motivate & cupport to improsize their dance.
  • Ability to control students and them in various dance forms.
  • Ability to demonstrate dance steps and closely examining and correcting the students.
  • Good observation skills and giving proper guidance to all the students based on their individualized requirements.
  • Carrying out the pratice sessions rehearsal & workout for the students.
  • Formulating new dance styles and teaching students.
  • Arranging for the costumes and equipments required for the school programs.
  • Arranging, planning, rehearsing & organizing dance, shows for the students.